In 1971, Varendonk was incorporated into Veerle.
In 1977, Veerle and other municipalities merged into the new municipality of Laakdal.
Nearby towns include Westerlo 2.7km (Tongerlo 3.9km, Zoerle-Parwijs 5.5km and Oevel 7km), Laakdal 3.7km (Veerle 2.8km, Eindhout 4.4km and Vorst 4.8km), Herselt 6km, Scherpenheuvel-Zichem 8.2km (Averbode 6.7km, Testelt 8.2km, Zichem 9.4km and Messelbroek 9.7km), Olen 9.3km, Geel 9.4km (Zammel 1.9km and Oosterlo 3.4km), Tessenderlo 9.7km, Hulshout 11.4km (Westmeerbeek 8.5km) and Diest 12.9km (Molenstede 9.7km)
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