In 1977, Suxy was incorporated into Chiny.
Nearby towns include Chiny 5.1km (Termes 0.1km, Les Bulles 6.8km, Jamoigne 7.7km and Izel 8km), Neufchâteau 8.7km (Montplainchamps 6.4km, Grapfontaine 6.8km, Warmifontaine 7.3km and Hamipré 8.9km), Florenville 9.9km (Sainte-Cécile 4km and Lacuisine 8km), Léglise 10.8km (Assenois 6.2km and Mellier 8.8km), Herbeumont 11.9km (Straimont 3.9km and Saint-Médard 7.6km) and Tintigny 12.1km (Saint-Vincent 7.5km and Rossignol 8km)
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