In 1965, Membre was incorporated into Vresse.
In 1977, Vresse and other municipalities merged into the new municipality of Vresse-sur-Semois.
Nearby towns include Vresse-sur-Semois 2.3km (Bohan sur Semois 1.2km, Vresse 2.3km, Chairière 3.3km, Orchimont 3.6km, Laforêt 3.9km, Mouzaive 4.8km, Bagimont 5km, Nafraiture 5.1km, Alle 5.7km, Sugny 5.7km and Pussemange 6.5km), Bièvre 11.6km (Six-Planes 5.4km, Gros-Fays 5.9km, Petit-Fays 6.2km, Cornimont 7km, Monceau-en-Ardenne 7.4km, Bellefontaine 7.7km, Oizy 8.3km and Baillamont 9.7km), Gedinne 13.1km (Houdremont 8.9km) and Bouillon 14.3km (Rochehaut 7.8km, Poupehan 9.4km and Vivy 9.8km)
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