In 1823, Houmont was incorporated into Tillet.
In 1977, Tillet and other municipalities merged into the new municipality of Sainte-Ode.
Nearby towns include Sainte-Ode 6.1km (Rechrival 1.4km, Tillet 4.4km, Amberloup 5.6km, Tonny 6.3km and Lavacherie 8.3km), Vaux-sur-Sûre 9.6km (Mande-Sainte-Marie 2.2km, Morhet 3.6km, Sibret 4.4km, Remichampagne 6.7km, Assenois 7.5km, Hompré 8.4km, Nives 9.2km, Vaux-lez-Rosières 9.6km and Remoiville 9.8km), Bastogne 9.8km, Bertogne 11.5km (Flamierge 4.5km, Mande-Saint-Étienne 4.7km, Givroulle 7.4km, Givry 7.8km, Roumont 8.5km and Longchamps 9.9km) and Libramont-Chevigny 17.3km (Remagne 6.8km, Rondu 6.9km and Moircy 8.4km)
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