Conjoux has since long been a part of Conneux.
In 1977, Conneux was incorporated into Ciney.
Nearby towns include Houyet 6.9km (Custinne 3.1km, Celles 3.9km, Ciergnon 8.1km, Wanlin 8.5km, Hour 8.7km and Hulsonniaux 8.9km), Ciney 7.2km (Conneux 1.3km, Achêne 3.5km, Corbion 3.5km, Chevetogne 4.5km, Leignon 5km, Sovet 6.9km, Braibant 8.6km and Pessoux 9.4km), Dinant 10.8km (Foy-Notre-Dame 5.2km, Sorinnes 6.1km, Thynes 7.2km, Furfooz 7.5km, Lisogne 8.1km and Dréhance 8.7km), Hamois 13.6km (Emptinal 9.6km) and Rochefort 14.2km (Mont-Gauthier 5km, Briquemont 8.7km and Jamblinne 9.3km)
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