In 1977, Bouvignies was incorporated into Ath.
Nearby towns include Ath 2km (Rebaix 2km, Lanquesaint 2.9km, Irchonwelz 3.1km, Mainvault 3.3km, Ostiches 3.6km, Villers-Saint-Amand 3.7km, Villers-Notre-Dame 3.8km, Maffle 4.4km, Isières 4.5km, Ligne 5.1km, Arbre 5.2km, Meslin-l'Évêque 5.7km, Ormeignies 5.8km, Houtaing 6.1km, Moulbaix 6.1km, Ghislenghien 7.9km and Gibecq 8.6km), Chièvres 7.1km (Tongre-Saint-Martin 6.9km, Tongre-Notre-Dame 7km, Ladeuze 8.6km and Huissignies 9.1km), Brugelette 8.3km (Attre 6.7km, Mévergnies 7.5km and Gages 9.8km), Lessines 8.6km (Papegem 5.7km, Wannebecq 5.7km, Woelingen 7.9km, Ogy 8.2km and Ghoy 9.7km), Silly 11.1km (Hellebecq 8.9km), Leuze-en-Hainaut 11.4km (Blicquy 8.6km, Chapelle-à-Wattines 8.6km, Chapelle-à-Oie 8.7km and Grandmetz 9.8km), Ellezelles 11.5km (Lahamaide 6.1km and Wodecq 8.1km) and Frasnes-lez-Anvaing 21.5km (Å’udeghien 5.4km and Buissenal 8.1km)
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