In 1977, Villers-Poterie was incorporated into Gerpinnes.
Nearby towns include Gerpinnes 2.1km (Acoz 1.4km, Gougnies 2.1km, Joncret 2.4km and Loverval 6km), Châtelet 6km (Bouffioulx 4.7km and Châtelineau 7.1km), Aiseau-Presles 7.4km (Presles 3.9km, Pont-de-Loup 6.7km, Aiseau 6.9km and Roselies 8.4km), Farciennes 8.5km (Pironchamps 9.1km), Mettet 8.6km (Biesme 4.8km and Oret 7.6km), Charleroi 9.6km (Couillet 6.5km, Montignies-sur-Sambre 7.8km, Marcinelle 8.8km and Gilly 9.2km), Sambreville 11.4km (Falisolle 9.1km and Tamines 10km), Ham-sur-Heure-Nalinnes 11.5km (Nalinnes 7.8km and Jamioulx 9.5km), Fosses-la-Ville 11.8km (Sart-Eustache 4.6km, Le Roux 6.8km, Vitrival 9.1km and Aisemont 9.5km), Florennes 11.9km (Hanzinne 4.7km, Hanzinelle 6.2km, Thy-le-Bauduin 6.5km and Morialmé 8.7km), Walcourt 13.8km (Tarcienne 5.7km, Somzée 7.8km, Laneffe 9km and Gourdinne 9.3km) and Chaumont-Gistoux 38.1km (Dion-Valmont 9.5km)
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