In 1971, Sint-Andries was incorporated into Bruges.
Nearby towns include Bruges 3.3km (Sint-Michiels 2.4km, Sint-Pieters 4.2km, Assebroek 5.1km, Sint-Kruis 5.2km, Koolkerke 6.9km and Dudzele 9.3km), Oostkamp 6.1km (Waardamme 9.9km), Jabbeke 6.6km (Varsenare 2.8km, Snellegem 5.2km, Stalhille 7.8km and Zerkegem 8.4km), Zedelgem 6.8km (Loppem 4.8km), Zuienkerke 7.7km (Meetkerke 4.7km and Houtave 6.5km) and Damme 9.3km
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