In 1977, Proven, Reningelst, Roesbrugge-Haringe and Watou were incorporated into Poperinge.
Nearby towns include Poperinge (Reningelst 5.1km, Proven 6.3km, Krombeke 7.2km, Watou 7.4km and Roesbrugge-Haringe 10km), Vleteren 6.7km (Woesten 6.8km, Westvleteren 8.1km and Oostvleteren 8.8km), Ypres 11.1km (Vlamertinge 6.7km, Elverdinge 7.3km, Dikkebus 8.3km, Brielen 8.6km and Zuidschote 9.7km) and Heuvelland 11.5km (Westouter 6.5km and Loker 8.8km)
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