Our has since long been a part of Opont.
In 1977, Opont was incorporated into Paliseul.
Nearby towns include Paliseul 6.3km (Opont 2.7km, Maissin 4km, Framont 5.2km, Carlsbourg 7.8km, Offagne 8.9km and Nollevaux 9.9km), Daverdisse 7km (Porcheresse 3.3km, Gembes 6km and Haut-Fays 8.9km), Bièvre 8.1km (Graide 4.2km, Naomé 4.8km and Baillamont 9.6km), Libin 9.8km (Redu 5.5km, Anloy 7.1km, Villance 7.3km and Transinne 7.4km) and Bertrix 14.9km (Jehonville 8.5km)
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