In 1953, Neuville-sous-Huy was incorporated into Tihange.
In 1977, Tihange was incorporated into Huy.
Nearby towns include Amay 3.1km (Ampsin 1.2km, Ombret-Rawsa 4km, Flône 4.7km and Jehay 5.3km), Huy 3.7km (Tihange 2.2km and Ben-Ahin 7.8km), Villers-le-Bouillet 4.3km (Fize-Fontaine 6.2km and Warnant-Dreye 8.4km), Wanze 5.2km (Antheit 4.2km, Vinalmont 5.7km, Bas-Oha 6.9km, Moha 7.5km and Huccorgne 9.6km), Marchin 6.9km (Vyle-et-Tharoul 9.6km), Tinlot 8.7km (Ramelot 7.8km, Abée 8km and Soheit-Tinlot 8.9km), Verlaine 8.9km (Bodegnée 5.8km and Chapon-Seraing 9km), Saint-Georges-sur-Meuse 9.4km, Nandrin 9.7km (Villers-le-Temple 6.4km, Yernée-Fraineux 6.8km and Saint-Séverin 8.9km), Modave 9.8km (Outrelouxhe 4.5km, Strée 5.2km, Vierset-Barse 5.3km and Linchet 9.1km), Engis 10.3km (Hermalle-sous-Huy 6.4km and Clermont-sous-Huy 8.7km) and Braives 14.9km (Fumal 9.7km)
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