In 1977, Merkem was incorporated into Houthulst.
Nearby towns include Langemark-Poelkapelle 6.6km (Bikschote 3.4km and Langemark 6.6km), Houthulst 7.5km (Klerken 6.1km), Lo-Reninge 7.8km (Noordschote 2.8km, Reninge 4.4km, Lo 7.7km and Pollinkhove 8.4km), Diksmuide 8.6km (Woumen 5.4km, Nieuwkapelle 6.1km, Sint-Jacobskapelle 6.8km, Oudekapelle 7km, Driekapellen 8.6km, Kaaskerke 9km and Esen 9km), Vleteren 8.9km (Woesten 7.4km, Oostvleteren 8km and Westvleteren 9.8km) and Ypres 11.8km (Zuidschote 4.9km, Boezinge 6.7km, Elverdinge 8.1km and Brielen 9.7km)
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