In 1977, Bilstain and Gulke were incorporated into Limbourg.
Nearby towns include Limbourg (Gulke 1.3km and Bilstain 2km), Baelen 3km (Membach 3km), Welkenraedt 5.8km (Henri-Chapelle 7.2km), Verviers 6km (Stembert 4km, Heusy 6.5km, Petit-Rechain 7.4km, Ensival 7.7km, Lambermont 8km and Hodimont 8.1km), Dison 6.1km (Andrimont 4km), Jalhay 6.3km, Eupen 6.8km (Kettenis 8.4km), Thimister-Clermont 7.1km (Clermont 6.6km and Thimister 7.1km), Lontzen 9km, Herve 10.7km (Chaineux 7.8km, Grand-Rechain 9.2km and Battice 9.2km), Pepinster 10.9km (Wegnez 9.4km) and Theux 12.4km (Polleur 9.1km)
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