Sart-lez-Spa has since long been a part of Lierneux.
In 1977, Arbrefontaine and Bra were incorporated into Lierneux.
Nearby towns include Lierneux (Arbrefontaine 3.4km and Bra 6.3km), Vielsalm 8.5km (Ottré 4.8km, Bihain 5.1km and Grand-Halleux 9.2km), Manhay 8.5km (Malempré 5.6km, Vaux-Chavanne 7.3km, Odeigne 8.5km and Grandmenil 9.7km), Trois-Ponts 11.2km (Fosse 7.2km and Basse-Bodeux 8.7km) and Houffalize 16.8km (Tailles 7.1km)
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