In 1977, Leugnies was incorporated into Beaumont.
Nearby towns include Beaumont 3.1km (Leval-Chaudeville 2km, Solre-Saint-Géry 3.7km, Thirimont 5km, Barbençon 6km, Renlies 6km and Strée 9.3km), Sivry-Rance 6.3km (Grandrieu 3km and Sivry 6.1km), Erquelinnes 11.1km (Bersillies-l'Abbaye 5.6km, Montignies-Saint-Christophe 6.8km and Hantes-Wihéries 9.4km), Froidchapelle 12.2km (Vergnies 8.1km), Thuin 14.5km (Leers-et-Fosteau 9.5km) and Walcourt 17km (Clermont 9.4km)
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