In 1977, Howardries and other municipalities merged into the new municipality of Brunehaut.
Nearby towns include Brunehaut 4km (Rongy 2.1km, Lesdain 2.8km, Bléharies 4.1km, Guignies 4.5km, Wez-Velvain 5km, Jollain-Merlin 5.1km, Hollain 6.2km and Laplaigne 6.7km), Rumes 6.7km (La Glanerie 4.5km and Taintignies 5.1km), Antoing 9.5km (Bruyelle 7.5km, Péronnes-lez-Antoing 8.4km and Calonne 9.8km) and Tournai 11.3km (Willemeau 7.5km, Saint-Maur 7.7km, Froidmont 8.2km, Esplechin 8.4km and Ere 8.5km)
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