In 1977, Fagnolle was incorporated into Philippeville.
Nearby towns include Viroinval 6.5km (Dourbes 2.3km, Nismes 3.7km, Olloy-sur-Viroin 4.3km, Vierves-sur-Viroin 5.3km, Treignes 7.2km and Mazée 9km), Couvin 7.9km (Mariembourg 3.7km, Frasnes-lez-Couvin 5.2km, Petigny 5.8km and Boussu-en-Fagne 7.7km), Philippeville 10.3km (Roly 4.1km, Villers-en-Fagne 4.7km, Sart-en-Fagne 6.8km, Sautour 7.1km, Merlemont 8.1km, Neuville 8.4km, Samart 8.5km and Villers-le-Gambon 9.9km) and Doische 12.9km (Matagne-la-Grande 4km, Matagne-la-Petite 5.7km, Romerée 8.2km and Niverlée 9.3km)
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