In 1971, Elen was incorporated into Dilsen.
Nearby towns include Maaseik 3.9km (Heppeneert 3km, Neeroeteren 4km, Aldeneik 5.2km and Opoeteren 7.2km), Dilsen 4.3km (Rotem 2.1km, Stokkem 5.2km and Lanklaar 6.7km), Dilsen-Stokkem 4.8km, Maasmechelen 8.7km (Meeswijk 7.5km, Leut 8.7km and Eisden 9.8km), Kinrooi 8.7km (Ophoven 7.1km) and Bree 13.8km (Tongerlo 9.5km and Opitter 9.6km)
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