In 1971, Reppel was incorporated into Bocholt.
In 1977, Kaulille was incorporated into Bocholt.
Nearby towns include Bocholt (Reppel 2.3km and Kaulille 4.7km), Bree 3.7km (Beek 2.6km, Gerdingen 2.9km, Tongerlo 7.5km and Opitter 7.6km), Peer 9.8km (Grote-Brogel 5.6km and Kleine-Brogel 9km), Hamont-Achel 10km (Hamont 9.1km), Pelt 12.1km (Sint-Huibrechts-Lille 8.8km) and Oudsbergen 13.7km (Ellikom 6km, Wijshagen 7.5km, Gruitrode 9.2km, Meeuwen 9.3km, Meeuwen-Gruitrode 9.4km and Neerglabbeek 9.6km)
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